There has never been a more pressing moment to restore the world’s degraded landscapes. Around 2 billion hectares of land—twice the size of China—was once forested but is now degraded, with little economic or ecological value. Rarely, if ever, have humans wasted a valuable resource with such abandon. It has been estimated that land degradation costs countries more than $6 trillion per year. But a revolution is brewing. Governments from around the world have committed to restore 160 million hectares. This is because smart politicians are now recognizing that they can gain up to 30 times their initial economic investment by restoring land. It’s good for the economy, for jobs, food security, and the planet—and it provides resilience in the face of a changing climate. However, despite these extraordinary benefits, restoration remains markedly underfunded, and the sector faces a funding gap of around US$300 billion per year.

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